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Texting Best Practices

Learn some best practices to making connections through SMS and MMS to increase engagement and maintaining those connections. Let us know if you have questions - we will be happy to help!

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Obtain Consent

Always get your contacts' explicit consent to send them messages. This could be done in a variety of ways such as including consent in your business documents they sign or directly provide a way for them to sign up for messages. Help protect yourself and your image.

Be Transparent

When obtaining conesnt to message your contacts, always be clear on what they should expect to receive. It can be a simple one-liner explaining what types of messages they should expect and how often to expect them.

Throttle Yourself

Don't overdo it and send too many messages in a short time frame. Not only can this lead to upsetting your contacts, but could also be breaking communication regulations. Limit yourself to no more than six messages per month when possible.

Provide Disclaimers

When obtaining consent to send messages to your contacts, include the required disclaimers in the consent forms. Review CTIA requirements when creating your opt-in agreements. At a high level, language should let them know that data and messaging rates may apply based on their cell plan.

Give Contacts a Way to Leave

Just because someone gives you consent to message them, this does not always mean you can message them forever. They may change their mind. Always provide a way for your contacts to revoke that consent and be clear on how to do so.

Reasonable Hours

For entities sending marketing messages, statement notifications, and other types of messages, be mindful of what time you are sending messages. People will not like late night messages and doing so may cause them to leave your messaging program.

Proper Language

Although many people may understand messaging shorthand, many others do not. Be sure to use common language and full words when sending messages. Not only does this help more people understand your message, it will help you look more professional.

If, by chance, you must use some shorthand to stay under characters limits, use more common abbreviations as much as possible.

Show Value

Make sure that your contacts see the value provided by opting into SMS and MMS messages from you. Let them know you are making it easier to pay their bill or to keep up with the latest news in your organization. When explaining the value, be clear and honest about your intentions and stick with the program - no bait and switch. Make it worthwhile to them.

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