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It's in our name - DigiConn. DigiConn creates digital connections through automated outbound messaging via SMS, MMS, and Voice. Send messages to your contacts in a quick, effective, and inpensive form using today's most popular form of communication. DigiConn can also help create digital connections with our web development and URL shortening services.

SMS Facts

  • SMS stands out as the top choice for 48% of consumers wanting brand updates, attributed to its user-friendliness and wide reach.
  • With an anticipated growth to 7.5 billion mobile users by 2026, the potential of SMS continues to soar.
  • As of 2022, smartphones are in the hands of 6.65 billion individuals.
  • A significant 75% of customers express a desire to receive SMS-based offers.
  • Compared to emails, SMS boasts a staggering 98% open rate.
  • A majority, 60%, of users read SMS messages between 1 to 5 minutes of receiving them.
  • For 62% of businesses, the rapid delivery of SMS is seen as its primary benefit.
  • A vast 88% of individuals primarily use their mobile devices for texting.
  • On most days, users access their texting apps more frequently than any other application on their mobiles.
  • In 2022, seven out of ten people agreed to receive business-related texts.
  • Most companies noted that their SMS campaigns had click-through rates ranging between 20% and 35%.
  • In the US, the cellphone ownership figure exceeds 272 million, indicating a ripe market for SMS campaigns.
  • Approximately 29% of SMS recipients click on embedded links.
  • Around 90% of text messages are opened and read.
  • The real estate sector tops the list with 73% usage of SMS. If you operate in real estate and haven't adopted SMS yet, now's the time.
  • A majority, 90% of consumers, wish for businesses to reach out to them through SMS, emphasizing the need for businesses to integrate SMS solutions.
  • Nearly two-thirds of businesses employ SMS to confirm client appointments and minimize missed slots.
  • Sending SMS reminders for business appointments can curtail no-shows by around 26%.
  • Three-quarters of individuals are receptive to SMS messages.
  • The click-through rate for SMS marketing exceeds that of email by 15%.
  • 92% of U.S. adults have text-capable phones, with 98% of smartphone owners texting regularly. However, only 14% of businesses communicate via text, presenting a considerable opportunity.
  • An impressive 97% of businesses communicated more effectively with consumers after adopting texting.
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SMS and MMS are two of today's most popular forms of communication. SMS, or short messaging service, can be used to send short, simple messages to contacts in a matter of moments. SMS is great for sending quick organizational announcements, invoice notifications, appointment reminders, and just about everything in between. MMS, or multimedia messaging service, is similar to SMS but allows some form of media, such as images, to accompany the text. Many just simply say "picture message" when sending an MMS to a friend. Not only are you able to send pictures, you can also send a lot more (hundreds) or characters alongside the image. Multimedia messages are a great option for sending images of flyers for sale announcements, large organizational announcements, and much more.

Increased Postage

First class postage just increased once again, with more price increases already planned in 2024. Sending paper mail has moved away from being a great way to reach people to expensive and time consuming. By the time paper, postage, and labor are factored in, sending a single statment can cost a full dollar or more and take several days to be delivered. Many times, follow up statements are needed, increasing the cost to collect payment. Using digital communication is cheaper and much faster. Imagine uploading a file and spending just a few moments sending those statement notifications through SMS for only pennies per message. Customers and patients receive the messages right on their phones and are far more likely to click on your payment portal URL and make a payment almost immediately. Decreased costs and increased payments.

Missed Appointments

Missed appointments are costly. You reserve a block of time to meet with customers or patients, expecting to meet with them and generate revenue. When patients and customers forget about their appointments, it impacts your revenue and your business. Everyone gets busy shuffling their jobs, their families, and other priorities causing some things to get missed. With SMS, you can send a short, friendly appointment reminder for only a few cents. DigiConn's platform can send those reminders on your behalf, helping you keep those appointments, meet with your customers, and improve your revenue. Whether you're a small medical office, a large office with several doctors, and home improvement company, and anything in between, those appointments are important.

Non-Profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations operate on very slim margings with every dollar having a huge impact. Communication can be time consuming and expensive regardless if the staff in paid staff or a group of volunteers. DigiConn can assist with reaching your contacts quickly and doing so for just pennies. Send out reminders about upcoming blood drives, fundraising events, organizational updates, community events, and more. Because we recognize the importance of non-profit organizations, DigiConn always offers half off all setup fees.

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