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Website Development

Get in touch with us today to get started. We will go through each step from domain acquisition, hosting, to building your site and integrating it with your services.

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Domain and Hosting

We will walk you through choosing the perfect domain name, purchasing it, and getting it hosted using GoDaddy and cPanel.


DigiConn will design and build your databases to help power your website and store relevant data.


We will gather your requirements, listening to your needs. Using those discussions, we will design your site to fit your needs.


Putting together all the pieces, we will build your site and get you going. Our goal is to build a site that is easily managed by you, or by us. The choice is yours.

Why Choose DigiConn for Web Development?


Nearly a decade of Product Management working with customers and building software they need.


Knowledge in several industries including healthcare RCM, lending, and retail (specialty and big box).


DigiConn's self-hosted development environment. We specialize in PHP and MySQL to create data-driven websites.

Quick Delivery

Website projects created and delivered to you as quickly as 2 weeks. Higher complexity projects may take longer.


Watch us work and follow along. You will be able to track our progress and see where we are in each step of the process.

Honest Pricing

No hidden costs and no surprise charges. What we quote is all you pay. Full payment is not required until we deliver the completed site to you.

Contact us today to discuss your website needs.

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