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Why Send Messages

98% of text messages are opened withing 3 minutes of being sent.

When including a URL, click-through rates are as high as 40%. This makes texting one of the most effective ways of reaching contacts.

Text messaging is quick. You can reach thousands of contacts in just moments.

It is more economical. Many organizations spend a dollar or more per paper letter they mail out. Messaging costs just a few cents.

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Keep It Short

Prevent your messages from looking like spam. Send short, straight to the point messages.

Short URLs

Use the shortest link possible. This keeps the message looking cleaner and helps you maintain character length limits. DigiConn offers URL shortening services.


Make sure to have your name in the message AND within your website. DigiConn automatically includes your name in outbound messages.

Your Audience

Know your audience and send relevant messages. For example, if your contacts opted into statement notifications, stick to that.

Don't Oversend

People are busy. Stick to sending as few messages as possible, with the goal of no more than one per week.


Send out a survey asking for feedback about your messages. You can learn a lot from your contacts about what they like and don't like.

Improve Payments While Saving Money

No Paper

Stop sending paper statements, wasting time and money. Paper is expensive and time consuming, not to mention the ever-increasing cost of postage. Send statement notifications by text instead.

Easy Payments

If you have anline portal allowing consumers to pay online, you can include that URL in a text message. Easier for them to pay and you to collect.


Most people prefer getting electronic communications and bill reminders are no exception. With text open rates at nearly 98% you can rest assured more people will see text statements than paper.

Spend Less

With paper and postage costs increasing, as well as higher labor costs, you can spend well over a dollar per paper statement. Sending a text message costs just pennies per message.


Not only are you saving money, but will be helping to save the environment. Reduce the amount of paper being consumed while also reducing how much paper ends up in landfills.

Enhance Communication


Send everyone in your contact list the same message at the same time. Remember the children's game of telephone that caused the message to change? Don't let that happen to you.


Avoid sending messages one by one, or making phone calls one at a time. DigiConn can send thousands per hour on your behalf.


Bring your contacts together into a single community and keep them engaged. Ensure everyone stays in the loop and gets real time communication from you, leaving nobody behind.

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