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Outbound Messaging

We offer SMS, MMS, and voice messaging to help you create digital connections


Why Choose DigiConn for Messaging?


DigiConn is a 10DLC approved entity with all the major cell carriers. This increases deliverability and reduces being marked as spam.

Toll-free SMS

DigiConn has been approved to send text messages through toll-free numbers, further improving deliverability.

Our Platform

DigiConn's messaging platform was built by us and maintained by us. This increases the reliability and response time should you have questions or issues.

Rapid Messaging

Our platform has the capability to send thousands of messages per hour.

Fast Implementation

In most cases, we can have you set up to start sending messages within 24 hours after signing up.

Free Portal

Everyone gets a free client portal allowing you to send ad-hoc messages to all your contacts or any group of contacts.

Free Contacts

Never any charge to add new contacts. You can have 5 or 5 million and it won't cost you a penny! Some of our competitors will charge you just to store contacts.

Free Groups

Create as many groups of contacts, all for free. It is as simple as naming the group then adding any of your pre-loaded contacts to it.

Straightforward Invoicing

Never be surprised by your invoice. There are no hidden costs for anything. Simple to understand billing.

We have many more benefits to offer. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

Messaging Use Cases

We can handle just about any use case you need to connect with others


Statement notifications. Send a text message to your patients informing them their statement is ready. Embed your payment portal to allow them to pay online. Save postage and increase your payments.


Appointment reminders. Remind your patients they have an upcoming appointment. Reduce no shows at your office.


Do you have a select/travel sports team? Send out important announcements such as game times, practice changes, and more.


Prayer chains. Increase how quickly prayer requests get passed around by sending everyone a message at the same time. Control what is shared by sending the same text to everyone, eliminating the possiblilty of playing the children's game of telephone.


Periodic devotionals. Create a group of contacts interested in getting devotions sent to them. Increase your ministry's outreach. Provide a simple devotional message and scripture to read. Help to include those that may not be able to attend Bible Study in person.


DigiConn can help just about any industry improve their communication through automated messages. Provide general announcements, event reminders, and so much more.

Do you have a use case not listed? It is impossible for us to list everything we can help you do through digital connections. Let us know what you need and we will work to make it happen.

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