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Messaging Types

What is SMS? What is MMS? We will help you to learn the basic differences between the two.

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What is SMS?


SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, generally referred to as a text message.

Character Limits

In many cases, you are limited to just 160 characters in a single message. However, DigiConn can allow up to 250 characters per message.


SMS is simple to use and is well known. SMS is great for getting a short message out quickly.

What is MMS?


MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service, allows you to send pictures along with text.

Character Limits

Not only can you send a picture to your contacts, but with DigiConn, you can also include up to 750 text characters in the message too.


MMS is more flexible, allowing you to provide more information in a single message that is also eye-catching to the contact.

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