DigiConn can help take a BITE out of long URLs. Turn your long, hard-to-display URLs into bite-sized URLs. Smaller URLs are easier to display on business cards, websites, and all types of printed material.

DigiConn can offer to shorten just a single URL or allow you to create as many short URLs as you need.

Your shortened URLs will follow a pattern of bite-ly.com/?[uniqueID]

How many short URLs do you need?

Single Short URL

This option is perfect if you will only ever need a single short URL, such as directing people to your main website. One time low fee to use it forever.

Single URL

Multiple URLs

For one low fee, you will gain the ability to create as many short URLs as you need and see how many hits each have had. No monthly fees and no advertisements. Create a new short URL anytime you need one to direct people to different websites, newsletters, file downloads, and more.

Multiple URLs
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